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Somnio Currents

Rethinking how people consume and connect with content. The evolution of the white paper.

The Story

Somnio Currents™ help abreast the themes and patterns taking shape in the business environment. It adds perspective to the implications and opportunities so businesses can leverage them to promote humanity, relevance and resonance for their clients.

The Creative Team

Creative Lead: Caroline Schaffer 
Art Directors: Nathalia Silva, Kristen Harlin 
UX Designers: Molly White, Stephanie Yeager
Content Writers: Eric Beverding, Rusty Boyer

Logo Exploration and Execution


Currents as a derivate from Resonance. Was chosen as the name  for Somnio’s trend report because it illustrates patterns that are persistent - not transient like “trends”.  Currents, as the name meaning suggests, are news about emerging patterns that will have a lasting impact in business at different levels.Like a water wave, currents ripple onto infinity affecting us from a cultural to an operational to a tactical level.

Somnio Currents

Cultural Current

Promote dwindling partner loyalty with easy-to-use programs that still allow personalization.

Operational Current

Keep your channel partners inspired with valued incentives that align to their unique partner needs.

Tactical Current

One size does not fit all partners; empower partners and evolve their expectations.

Be Human

To be competitive in crowded markets businesses have realized they need to become more customer-centric. The new world of marketing requires an array of digital services that support these people, and tell a threaded personally relevant story.

Amused and Informed

Short films are revolutionizing the way we digest information. Beyond disrupting the entertainment industry, short films are reshaping educational, social and business interactions.

Credfluencers lead the way

Consumers today are far too busy – and savvy – to spend their precious time sorting through marketing.  When they need help making a purchase decision, they are much more likely to trust an unbiased peer/user review.

Inspire partners and customer alike

With the rush of companies into the tech services space, the need for micro-communities is at an all-time high.

The illusion of data agility

The holy grail of modern customer engagement. That magic ideal state that happens when your data moves at the speed of your business anchored on three agility pillars: infrastructure, application and most important, culture.

The brand in action

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