Nat Silva

Dell Perfect Sense

Developing a new kind of business sense to quickly assess business situations

The Story

Dells Medium purpose is to bring people-first perspectives and tools that change how medium-sized businesses propel their people, offerings and processes forward. One of out pitches for the account was the “Perfect Sense” campaign. 

The Creative Team

Creative Lead: Caroline Schaffer 
Art Director: Nathalia Silva
UX Designer: Molly White
Content Writter: Rusty Boyer

The idea

Perfect Sense

In choices, trade-offs, opportunities, and risks, one thing is for sure: the need to be hyperaware of your business intuition has never been more important. You need to develop a new kind of business sense to quickly assess business situations — from teams to tech — and deliver another dimension of readiness.

Perfect Sense Audiograms

A series of short audiograms delivers the experience and intuition of leaders of medium-sized business, with their voices, in their words. Quick-hit clips of longer, podcast-style conversations are implemented in social campaign assets, teasing the lessons learned, the way they evolved, and the deeper success stories. We guide users along the journey while drawing the connection between Dell Technologies and the personal side of decision-making. 

Making sense of what’s next Short films mood board

These emotional films focus on people who overcame challenges, reinvented themselves, and emerged better off by learning who they really are. Beyond IQ and EQ, these stories focus on the value of LQ, or Learning Quotient; the idea that in order to grow, you must be interested in learning new things and learning from others. Dell Technologies believes in the intuitive forces that drive midsize business leaders. In candid interviews, this series asks: What kind of leader are you? What kind of business are you trying to build? Dell Technologies provides the innovations that make perfect sense in every scenario.


Analytics gathered during drive-to guide visitors to a landing page featuring a level of personalization that proves Dell Technologies is in tune with what specific leaders need. Tailored content elevates the Perfect Sense Landing Page above an anonymous e-commerce or generic offerings page, honing in on what makes sense for each unique visitor’s business through interaction and user data. Targeted case studies and film selections support the Medium Business narrative focus for Dell Technologies. 

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