Nat Silva

IBM Security SmarterPaper

Rethinking how people consume and connect with content. The evolution of the white paper.

The Story

IBM Security needed an interactive experience that moves beyond PDF limitations and that is optimized for mobile consumption. Previous digital experiences were not following IBM design guidelines nor had a consolidated look and feel. After a couple of iretaions we arrived to a new look and functonality for all IBM Security SmarterPapers.

The Creative Team

Creative Lead: Alejandro Ramirez
Art Director & Designers: Nathalia Silva, 
Brenda Palacios 
Graphic Designer: Brandi Harrison  


Design Elements

IBM Security 
SmarterPaper template

SmarterPapers are an HTML-based evolution of the white paper and the ebook.Hosted online and infused with interactive elements, the SmarterPaper is a mobile-responsive, SEO-enabled, digital long-form content experience that is shareable and links to additional content for extended business value.

Mobile Friendly

We adjusted the mobile design to create seamless user friendly experience, that will allow easy access to different content sections and important pieces of information.

Downloadable PDF

Additionally we created takeaway WhitePaper for easy comprehensive read of the contents of the SmarterPaper with clickable links and digestible information to easily share with coworkers or save to reference later. 

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