Nat Silva

IBM Client Advocacy

How IBM uses client feedback to improve client experiences
The Story
As an enterprise, IBM was dealing with the perception that they weren’t really listening to or acting on feedback. Rejuvenating the IBM Client Advocacy story meant reintroducing both IBMers and IBM clients to the global architecture of platforms, processes and advocates hard at work gathering and taking action on feedback.
Creative Lead: Alejandro Ramirez
Art Director: Nathalia Silva 
Video: Vince Penman
Photo Retoucher: Eduardo Flores
Copywriter: Rusty Boyer

The Creative Team

Look and Feel

Our concept is founded on empathy, authenticity, and action. The story would be told through interconnected assets featuring a new, own-able look, feel and tone under parent guidelines of IBM, but wholly unique in every execution, inside and out. 

The Online Experience


Social assets were strategically developed to amplify the advocacy message by driving users to through the overarching story, both internally on the IBM intranet and externally on global social channels.

Landing Page

A new landing page on provides a closer look at how the award-winning advocacy drives client success on a global scale, giving the initiative a place to call home as the story evolves.

Success Stories

The IBM Client Advocacy story is best told by the IBMers doing the work. By being vulnerable, funny and honest, we shine the spotlight on the real people making real change for clients behind closed doors and in face-to-face conversations.

The Physical Experience

Beyond digital, we wanted IBM Client Advocacy to feel real. Tangible assets like the handbook, which tells the advocacy story from cover to cover, enable sales teams to share something their clients can hold onto, while stickers and postcards let IBMers share their support internally.

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