Nat Silva

IBM Bluewolf

Transforming an assessment into a meaningful digital experience

The Story

IBM Bluewolf needed to gather data about how business users engage with Salesforce. From there, we started a natural conversation, introducing capabilities and connecting them to specific offerings. Our goal was to bring the Bluewolf brand to life in a hands-on digital experience during the annual Dreamforce conference. 

The Creative Team

Creative Lead: Caroline Schaffer
Motion & UI designer: Nathalia Silva 
Motion graphics designer: Eric Wilson

The “New Selves”

Inspired by the adventurous, guiding spirit of the Bluewolf brand, persona types were developed; Mobilizer, Visionary, Pathfinder, to name a few, each with a description that matched user personality types, experiences and goals. 

The Online Experience

Once in the experience, visitors took control, moving from question to question, toggling to adjust answers or restarting to explore other outcomes. Differentiating the Bluewolf brand in this scenario was accomplished by inspiring interaction with kinetic energy and a big, bold, provocative creative approach

The Event

Dreamforce is Bluewolf’s marquee annual event, drawing thousands of attendees primed to engage in presentations, get hands-on with solutions and have face-to-face conversations about AI strategy and capabilities with representatives in real time
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