Nat Silva


From an event design system to a a Drive-to Campaign

The Story

Aveva decided to create a first ever virtual experience to promote agile insights for a transforming world. Aveva World Digital was in need of a special look and messaging drive through campaign to reach attendees from all over the world.

The Creative team

Creative Lead: Caroline Schaffer
Art Director: Nathalia Silva 
Art Director: Kristen Harlin 

Dark background texture

Light background texture


Design Elements

Type Treatment

Social Tiles

In order to drive attendees to AVEVA World Digital, we created a social media and email campaign. We showcased industry leaders, virtual attendees to entice participation and a sneak peak of the event.  

Email Campaign

The email campaign included a variety of emails targeted pre, during and post event. These featured insightful information of key takeaways, event information and most importantly upcoming conferences from experts in
the field.
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