Nat Silva

IBM Worker Insights

A Four-part video series that explains how IBM solutions combine to prevent risk in the workplace.

The Story

The impact of the  Covid-19 virus to our global economy has been enormous. Businesses every  where are anxious to get back to work. But it is key that workers are safe  and protected in their work environment. In this four-part video series we explained how IBM solutions combine to prevent risk inn the workplace.

The Creative team

Creative Lead: Vince Penman
Art Director/Illustrator: Nathalia Silva 
Motion Designer: Eric Wilson

Face Mask Detection

Determine whether an individual is wearing a face mask based on a video analysis.

Crowd Density Management

Monitor the density of people in a specific space, based on people counted in the camera’s field of view.

Social Distancing Scoring

Monitor the distance between one individual and surrounding individuals based on relative Bluetooth signal strength.

Elevated Body Temperature Monitoring

Identify elevated body temperatures of individuals as an indicator of potential unsuitability for work.

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